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Terms and Condition for tagline placement.

Seller AKA/Pour in Spirit. Buyer AKA Vendor/Advertiser.

A total of 3 separate taglines may be placed in any given Elizabeth Shauby Program by different vendors. However, the same vendor can place more than one tag insert into multiple separate programs. 

The Vendor/Buyer is not a partner or a sponsor of any of Pour In Spirit, Elizabeth Shauby or The Sacramentalist Programs. However, the Vendor/Buyer has compatible and or benign relationship to the content and mission of Elizabeth Shauby Shows.

Vendors/Buyers are not employed by Elizabeth Shauby or have a holding relationship to Pour in Spirit Media. Pour in Spirit Media is not employed by any Christian Church or Diocese.

The Vendor/Buyer agrees to receive an approval prior to ad placement of tagline insert. This approval will be good for all future advertisements as long as approval was not cancelled by either party before timelines agreed to. And as long as the buyer business did not change its product or branding. If the Buyer/Vendor changes product or branding or business name, a new approval must be provided before placing subsequent tag placements.

The Approval Request and Approval Response will be transmitted via an encrypted system using Liz@pourinspirit.net. The Approval Code provided will be accepted for all subsequent advertisements as long above criteria is established. 

If you are having trouble with notifications please text us at 312-929-1099. Or reach out to us at the main line info@pourinspirit.com

In order for us to offer low pricing with high volume distribution the process is executed with rapid automation, therefore no draft or proof is given. A simple clean copy of text for ad-tag from Vendor for placement review will be sufficient. Voice and FaceTime interactions are not available at this time.

By placing an order you agree to these terms and conditions and have authority to place ad as a representative for business being featured.

There is no guarantee from Pour In Spirit that your ad-tag will result in a response from our audience.

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